Lottery – Is lotto to random?


To a lot of people lotto winners and those who find themselves face to face with Bigfoot have a few things in common. First of all both are completely random events. The formula for finding Sasquatch is not unlike the way one wins a lottery. First, stake out an arbitrary piece of ground (in lotto terms your “ground” will be the numbers you pick instead of some out of the way section of the Pacific Northwest ). Once you have chosen your territory, wait for the monster to lumber across your path and hope he doesn't eat you.

Many people consider this is a bit to unpredictable and instead of investing their pocket change in potentially massive lottery winnings, they do something more valuable with it…like buy a Slurpee from 7-11. Everyday, though, somebody stumbles across Bigfoot, so to speak. New lotto millionaires are created on a daily basis. For example, Loretta Brown of Detroit , MI bought her ticket as an afterthought. The next day Bigfoot walked right up to her and yelled “Boo”. Thanks to her random numbers she now has the problem of what to do with an extra 75 million dollars.

Loretta is not alone, she is just one of a community of people who become rich everyday thanks to the lottery. Today, one doesn't even need to travel to the corner store to purchase their lottery tickets. Websites like give people access to lotteries all over the world right from their home computer.

Those who think they have no chance need look no further than their local papers to see that winning is not only possible, but a daily occurrence. Of course, folks who think they cannot win are welcome to invest their spare change in a candy bar or snack cake. This will probably result in Bigfoot simply passing them by.

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